TATA Steel VIP Zone, Hyde
Park, London
Designed by S
an Australian company
which specializes in the design and
construction of large span steel solu-
tions and erected by Structural Systems
UK, the pavilion uses ‘post-tensioned
steel technology’which is an innovative
solution and believed to be the first of its
kind to be applied to such a temporary
structure in the UK.
Nominated by Structural Systems.
Library of Birmingham,
The new 10 story building presents
a contemporary landmark to inspire
future generations.
Nominated by Matthew Consultants Ltd
Hammersmith Flyover
Strengthening, London
Freyssinet won the contract to
strengthen the bridge.The project was
on a critical timescale as the structure
had to reopen for the Olympics and the
tensioning of the 50 tendons finished
two days ahead of the extremely tight
Nominated by Freyssinet
The Post-Tensioned Structure Award is presented to celebrate excellence in the use of post-tensioning
in civil engineering and building structures, taking into account the attributes of PT, sustainability,
innovation and value for money. This year’s nominees are: